Recently Completed, first of its Kind, "Emperors Armor".

I started this project 13 months ago. A lot of inspiration went into this piece.  While still maintaining full mobility and a Medieval Theme, I wanted to portray some of the hobbies and passions that have been with me, and that I have enjoyed through out my life: Serpentor, Emperor of Mankind, Witcher Series, And R.A. Salvators Demon Wars Saga, to name a few. More pics can be seen on my FB page, just follow the link in the top left. -Todd S.

Warlords Crusade Leather Armory, Is Now Warlords Crusade Armor.  I am happy to announce my Good friend, Jamie Lundell, History Channels Forge and Fire Season 1 Winner, has brought his  metal working magic to Warlords Crusade. Adding some Great black-smithed features to some  new Armor pieces ! - Todd S. Owner, Leather-smith, Craftsman,  Armorer. (Pictures of Armor pieces to come, in the mean time Here is the L6 fully combat durable sword he made me for my 40th Last year,  yes its very sharp, uhh yeah its from the best video game in history, Witcher III. Yes, it is amazing, and a complete beast!)

Handcrafted Quality

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 Hand Crafted, Durable Wares for all your needs. Specializing in Historical themed Armor for Screen adaptation, Film/Theater Production, live steel/SCA Combat, or to just look Great at a faire or CON.

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Warlords Crusade Armor